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A Monthly Podcast About Breaking Through

You see yourself as an average or below average person who’s in a slump, struggling and unsuccessful in dealing with your obstacles. You see what appear to be successful people and you feel like there’s a huge gap between you and the successful people you see in terms of how they’ve grown and overcome their obstacles, realized their opportunities, or got lucky.

We will explore all the pieces that make the whole person, without judgement, to learn from each other’s lived experiences and draw on the commonality that is our shared humanity. 

Join us on a monthly podcast journey to learn how you can break through like others just like you.


About Us

Muhammad Kermalli

Muhammad Kermalli

Show Host

Muhammad Kermalli was born into an immigrant family that migrated several times in life. From Son, to Brother, to Husband, to Father, Muhammad’s family is at the core of his journey along with those he has met at intersections of play, travel, and work.

He’s curious, enjoys the creative side of life, and loves people, oh and dessert too.

Muhammad strives to work smart, play hard, stay balanced, and live life to the fullest.

Triena McGuirk

Triena McGuirk

Show Host

Triena McGuirk, originally from PEI, resides in Ontario with her two teenage sons. She loves being outdoors in nature and learning from life's adventures and challenges.

Ms. McGuirk has practiced Social Work since 1999, upon graduating from Ryerson University with a Degree in Social Work and Minor in Public Administration, and she completed her Master’s in Social Work with honours in 2004, as the recipient of the Gerry Erickson Book Prize for Best Research Practice Paper.

Ms. McGuirk has practiced Social Work within Child Welfare (2000-2012), Education (2007-present), Litigation-Family Law 2006-present), Family-Collaborative Law (2016-present) and private clinical practice (2016-present).

Ms. McGuirk has a foundational understanding on how to navigate systems and work parallel to them in support of optimal outcomes for children/youth and their families aligned with, a core Social Work principle of, promoting self determination.

6 Story

Min Woo Park & Diana Hong

Show Producers

Min Woo Park & Diana Hong are the founders of 6 Story - a video marketing agency based in Toronto.

Full bio coming soon.

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