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Self Confidence: Faking it until you make

with Dylan Nadler

In this episode of Breaking, we sit down with Dylan Nadler, founder at MindLock Mental Training – an authority in mental training for high-performance athletes across the globe. With clients spanning over sixty cities and ten countries, he’s provided hundreds of athletes in some of the largest sporting organizations with the tools they need to consistently perform at their best.

In this episode, they talk about

👉 Harnessing his gift of being a natural athlete

👉 How TaeKwonDo affected his academic mindset and upbringing

👉 Changing his environment to achieve more

👉 Facing his fears with the support of his coach and peers

👉 “I think I can” to “I know I can”

👉 How success is determined by your own confidence

And much more


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Episode Transcript

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